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Get ready for the Wireless MAN, baby. Or short for Wireless Metropolitan Area Network.
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According to a recent survey, about 65 percent of Net users spend 10 minutes or more a day dealing with spam. About 37 percent of respondents get 100 junk messages a day, and 63 percent get 50 or more.
Symantec and Insightexpress

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A lot of people are still coming to Alice my first pre-blog attempt to stay up to date with the technology and gadgets I love to track and write about. But time marches on and so I launched an independent tech blog (originally with Bill O'Brien) and now with many talented contributors, called I hope you will visits us there.

We post 7 days a week and have grown a decent sized following for a little hobby. We just got named to CNET's Top 100 and were named runner up by TechWeb as Best Independent tech blog of the year. So not bad!

Please Visit us at RealTechNews


PS - Here are the LIVE Headlines from Please drop by and bookmark the new site.


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